Easter Fun and Games

It’s holiday season here and the Easter bunny (that would be me) has some fun games for you to play while you are taking a rest and recharging your batteries for when you get back to school.

Click on the images below to play some fun Easter themed games.

Easter Egg Designer

Unwrap your creativity and create unique designs for your Easter eggs without the added mess! Your parents will be super happy!


Easter Egg Candy Crush 

Now, who doesn’t love Candy Crush? Play this Easter version of the game and have lots of fun crushing those Easter eggs!


Easter Egg Hunt 

Didn’t get a chance to hunt for Easter eggs? Well don’t fret! Here’s your chance to go hunting for eggs!

easter egg hunt

Did you enjoy playing these games? Leave a comment to say which one you enjoyed the most.

Happy Easter holidays! ❤

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

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