Have more fun learning about food chains and webs!

You and the Food Chain

Have you wondered where you fit into the food chain? Because you are an omnivore and eat both plants and animals, you are a primary and a secondary consumer. In most cases you are also the tertiary consumer.

Sound complicated? Well not really, you see, the carrot you ate at lunch makes you a primary consumer, but the meatloaf you ate for dinner makes you a secondary consumer. Fortunately, unless you live next door to a family of cannibals, you will probably not have to worry about another secondary consumer trying to eat you! But even though people are mostly secondary consumers, we still cannot escape the decomposers. When someone gets very old and dies, their energy is eventually returned to the soil where it will be taken up by plants to begin a new food chain and continue the circle of life.

Are you ready to test your knowledge on food chains and webs? 

Try out the following to see how good you really are! 

Click below to play the quiz. What was your score? 

quiz icon

Ready for another fun game? Click on the image below to play! 

food fight game

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

Images downloaded from the internet.

Featured image background downloaded from 3amteacher TpT.

Text taken from http://www.idahoptv.org , a great site for more information on food chains and webs!


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