A Journey to the River Sea – Book recommendations by children for children



Journey to the River Sea is an adventure novel for children written by Eva Ibbotson and published by MacMillan in 2001. It is set mainly in Brazil early in the twentieth century and conveys the author’s vision of the Amazon River.

A Journey to the River SeaCHARACTERS

Maya, Finn, Clovis, Furo, Laila, Miss. Mington, the professor, Gwendylon, Beatrice, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Carter, Mr. Low and Mr. Trapwood, also referred as ‘crows’ in the book. I loved Maya, Finn, Clovis, Furo, Laila, Miss. Mington, the professor.


Maya’s parents die so she goes to live with the Carters. Miss. Mington, her governess and Maya make new friends. While Maya tries to hide her friend Finn, who is wanted by the ‘crows’ who are ordered to bring Finn to England, Westwood. The book is really fun to read!


    I loved it!!!! My favorite part was the funniest at the same time. It was when Finn a half Indian and half English boy fights with Clovis an English boy for who will marry Maya. The scariest part is when Maya is missing from the hospital after the fire. I learned that I must have hopes till the last moment.


  I do recommend it to boys and girls, though girls would enjoy it more. I recommend it because it is interesting, exciting and really fun to read. The book was lovely.

                                                                        By Myrto D. (aged 11)

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni


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