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The Land of Stories: A Grimm Warning is the third children’s fiction novel in The Land of Stories series written by Chris Colfer. The book was first published on 8th July 2014 by Little Brown and company, new york.
Image result for a grimm warningCharacters:

The characters are Alex, Conner, Mother Goose, the Fairy Godmother, Rook, the Masked Man, Bree and Emmerich. I liked all of them except the Masked Man because he was very evil and wanted to take over the Land of Stories. The Masked Man made me feel very sad for the people who were fighting against him, while the others made me feel happy for them.

Plot: Alex and Conner are in two different worlds, when Mother Goose contacts Conner on a magic mirror to tell him to find out if the portal between the worlds was open. If the portal was open, then a huge army of soldiers would attack the world which Alex was in. On the way, Bree and Emmerich join Conner on an adventure of their lives.

My opinion:

I loved this book so much! My favourite part of the book was when Conner, Bree and Emmerich all go and travel through the portal because Bree and Emmerich discover a whole new world. There were many funny and scary bits in the story and I learned that you should never believe something has gone forever.


I recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure books because it is nice, funny and adventurous, yet it also has some scary bits. I give it a 5 star rating.

A book report by Victoria V (age 10)


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