8 practical tips to help your child study

Studying is more than just completing homework. Ensuring that your child develops good study habits from an early age,  will not only help them achieve in school, but  will help make them self-disciplined, organised and independent learners, giving them a head start to a successful future. Read on to find out how you, as a parent, can help your child study and develop good study habits.

  • Minimise distractions: When it’s study time, turn off the TV and have quiet in the house. This is vital for concentration.
  • Designate specific study areas: Your child should have a special area where he/she goes to do homework and studies for tests. It should be a comfortable area with good lighting.
  • Regularity is key: Have a specific time for our child to completing homework assignments.We are creatures of habit and work best when we have a set routine. So for example, your child can complete their homework straight after school and then play. If they get used to this from an early age, this study habit will become automatic.
  • Organise study and projects: On a calendar, schedule the dates of their projects or tests. Having this visual will help keep them organised and prepare ahead of time.
  • Revision: Help your child feel confident for tests by revising regularly. Don’t leave it to the last minute, but  try not to overdo it.
  • Have age appropriate requests: It is important that you let your child go through each phase of their leaning before they move to the next one. This should be a gradual transition.
  • Help when needed: Do help your child with homework if they are having difficulty but, do not do it for them. It should be discussed with the teacher if your child is experiencing major difficulty.
  • Encourage autonomy: Teach your child to take responsibility for their own learning and expect that from them.

    Hope you found this helpful!

    Till next time…
    Peppi Orfanogianni
    mages downloaded from the internet, featured image downloaded from http://www.msc.wisc.edu and modified.

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