Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School


 Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

 Author: Jeff Kinney  Publication Company: Amulet Books, 2015

Characters: Manny, Rodrick, Greg’s parents, Greg’s grandpa, Rowley, the girl scouts, Mr. Jefferson, Emilio, Mrs. Graziano, Mr. Nuzzi, Gareth, Jeffrey, Albert and Jordan. I liked all of the characters, even Manny and Rodrick who sometimes turn out to be very irritating and annoying. They made me feel happy.

Plot: Greg is “switched on” to electronics, but what happens when his town cuts the electricity? In addition, grandpa moves in, so there’s even more trouble going on! And when Greg goes on a week-long school trip to Hardscrabble Farms, everything gets worse!

My Opinion: I loved the book, as it is extremely funny. My favourite part was when Greg wrote a note saying “BEWARE OF SILAS’S SCRATCH!” The funniest part was when Jeffrey ate deodorant! The scariest part was when Rowley had a tooth stuck on his forehead!

Recommend? Yes, I definitely recommend this book as it is so hilarious that it even gives you hiccups!

By Anastasia G.


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