Listen to the moon – Book recommendations by children for children


Listen to the moon

This book was published in Great Britain by Harper Collins. It was first published in 2014, and was written by Michael Morpurgo. The illustrator of this book is Steve Stone.

The Characters in this Book are: Alfie, Jim, Mary, Merry, Aunty Ducka, Uncle Mac, Papa, Mama, Peg, Brendon, Pippa, Celia, Jack, Wilhelm, Doctor, Uncle Billy/Silly Billy, Mr. Beagley, Mr. Jenkins, Mrs. Nightingale, Zeb, Cousin Dave, Martin and Mrs. Cartwright. I liked all of the characters except for Zeb and his gang, and Mr. Beagley the school’s headmaster. Zeb and his gang and Mr. Beagley made me feel angry and annoyed, but the rest made me feel brave and excited, especially Alfie. Also, Mrs. Nightingale was sweet and kind, which made me feel happy.

The Plot: This book is extremely fun to read. Alfie and his father, Jim, hear a voice crying for help on the abandoned island of St Helen’s. They find a girl in a corner of a stone empty house full of fear. As Alfie approaches her, she falls down trying to avoid him, but trips up and falls onto the planks of woods as the floor and cuts her forehead. Alfie and Jim take the girl back to St. Mary’s, the island that they live on, and lay her on the kitchen table and tell Mary, Jim’s wife, to help her while they call the Doctor for help. The Doctor stays there for an hour or two to help her recover. On her blanket and teddy bear there is a name tag that has a German name on it. Rumours are going round the island that the girl is a ghost or a mermaid, or even a German spy when they heard of the German name. But there is one huge problem apart from the fact that she is half dead, unconscious and has a broken and swollen ankle. The problem is that she cannot remember anything and she has lost her voice. Will she be able to remember anything? Will she get her voice back and tell them all about her life?

My opinion: I loved the book! I learnt that you should never give up hope, and always keep trying. My favourite part was when the girl said her first word (piano) and started spending more time with the family that rescued. It made me feel excited that later on she might begin to talk. There were lots of sad and scary bits, but no funny bits.

Do I Recommend this Book? I definitely recommend this book as the actual story of the book was truly amazing. Also, it is suitable for all ages.
a book review By Iris (age 10)




Listen To the Moon

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