Our Environment

When we talk about our environment we mean everything around us that surrounds and affects all life on earth.

We need the environment for our basic needs, which are:

  • oxygen
  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • warmth

Can you think of ways we can get the above from our environment?

Over the years, human population has increased. This has had a huge impact on our environment. Humans have caused so many changes, that many living things can no longer satisfy their basic needs. Some of these changes have led to the extinction of certain species of animals. Furthermore, they have led to the damage of the atmosphere and planet.

To reverse the damage that has been made, action from us is needed. We all need to contribute towards helping our environment and ourselves by changing out ways. We can make simple changes in our daily lives that will lead to greater changes if we all do them systematically.  Here are some things we can all start doing from today:

  • use less water
  • use less electrical power
  • make less rubbish
  • recycle
  • plant trees
  • minimise pollutants

Can you think of any other things you could do to help the environment?

waterdropletDo you know everything there is to know about water?

Click on the water droplet to play a fun water game that tests your water sense! 😉

For us to be healthy and happy , we need to live in a healthy environment. Our actions today, will help shape our future. The world is in our hands. Take action! 

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

Images downloaded from the internet

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