More about batteries…

In 1800, Alessandro Volta invented the first battery, which came to be known as the voltaic pile. The voltaic pile consisted of pairs of copper and zinc discs piled on top of each other, separated by a layer of cloth or cardboard soaked in saltwater.

Gaston Plante invented the first lead-acid battery in 1859.

Thomas Edison invented the first alkaline cell in 1914, less than 100 years ago!

Can you imagine what life would be like without batteries? 

Store-bought batteries can be hazardous to the environment if not properly disposed of. The chemicals used in batteries eventually corrode through the battery casing, leak through  to the soil and eventually into our water sources. One of the most popular components in today’s batteries is lead. Billions of batteries are manufactured each year. That’s a lot of batteries and pollutants!

So until there is a better, environmentally friendly battery source, make sure you recycle and tell your friends to recycle, too!

Did you know you can turn a lemon into a battery? Click here to find out how…

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni

Images downloaded from the internet.

Information taken from Green Science, Enviro Battery kit.


4 comments on “More about batteries…”
  1. Ms. Rickard says:

    I love it. We used to teach about Alessandro too. But now we’ve left him on the rubbish pile of unwanted photocopies. Like a discarded battery. Maybe we should recycle him. For next year.

    Sent from my Samsung device


    1. savedyouaspot says:

      Great minds think alike! I was thinking the same thing…did the post give it away..? 🙂 haha! ❤


  2. kaptonok says:

    The modern problem is producing a battery that will give a high current to run a car and last.
    High current batteries are dangerous if shorted out and many fires have been started that way.
    The other great problem is voltage ; even with large numbers of cells batteries are quite low voltage.


    1. savedyouaspot says:

      Thank you for the input! I’m sure one day in the future they will come up with something! Hopefully it will also be affordable and practical! 😉


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