Book recommendations by children, for children ~ The Enchantress Returns

 The Land Of Stories: The Enchantress Returns

This book is the sequel to The Wishing Spell, both written by Chris Colfer. It was published on August 6, 2013. The story revolves around the series’ two main characters, twin siblings Alex and Connor Bailey.

Characters:The main characters were: Alex; Connor; the Enchantress; Queen Red Riding Hood;Goldilocks; Jack;the Fairy Godmother and Froggy.

The main characters were: Charlotte; Dr Bob; Sir Lampton; Rumpelstiltkin ;the Queens and Kings.

Plot: The Enchantress tries to get the Kings and Queens of the Land Of Stories to resign.She also wants to get into our world, but she has to do many things for that. One of the things she has to do is kidnap the grand daughter of the Fairy Godmother. 

 However, she makes a mistake and kidnaps Charlotte, the mother of Alex and Connor.This is what makes Alex  and Connor enter in the Land Of Stories a second time.

 In the Land Of Stories,everything is going from bad to worse, the Enchantress is attacking everywhere, so when they meet Froggy; Queen Red Riding Hood; Goldilocks; and  Jack they set on a dangerous journey on a flying balloon.Their goal is to collect some things and build the magical wand called the Wand Of Wonderment and to defeat the Enchantress.

  My Opinion: This story is awesome.My favourite part is when Charlotte and her children Alex and Connor re-unite because it is such a happy scene. The scary bit was when the Enchantress shot Alex high up in the sky because I thought she would die.

 I learned new vocabulary and that we can solve every problem no matter what.

 Why I Recommend this book:  I recommend the book because it is  fantastic! It keeps you on the edge off your seat, so you can not stop reading the book till you finish it. 

 My star rating for this book:       five stars 

A book review by Delfin  (age 11)          

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni           

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