The 4-part apology ~ Do it right!

Growing up comes with taking responsibility of our actions, both good and bad. Learning how to apologise when you have done something wrong, in a sincere manner, shows that you are becoming mature and are taking responsibilities for your actions.

Arguments between people happen. They happen because someone says something they didn’t mean, someone was clumsy, someone did something which was inconsiderate; for whatever reason, they inevitably happen at some point. But, how you react to things that happen make it something you can put past you or something that will make it a sore spot for a long time.

sadfaceWhen you know that you have done something to offend, hurt, or harm another, you owe them an apology. The best advice on apologizing is to just do it. In order for it to be sincere though, a simple “I’m sorry,” sometimes just isn’t enough. An explanation and an offer to correct it will make it even better.


For this reason, we have the 4-part apology for you. Follow it and do it right! The four-part apology consists of (as you have well guessed) 4 parts! Read on to find out how to apologise in a sincere manner.

  1. ADMIT TO IT  ~ It may sound silly but, when you do something wrong or hurtful, whether intentionally or not, it is always best to start any apology with an admission of what you did wrong. It puts both parties on the same page, and secures the fact that you are talking about the same offense. By admitting it, you are showing the other person that you realize it was wrong.
    Start by saying ” I’m sorry for…”
    Refer to exactly what it was that you did wrong.
  2. EXPLAIN ~ Now that you have admitted to doing the wrong thing, an explanation of why you did it is necessary. The truth is that usually, the person doing the wrong thing had absolutely no intention of doing anything to hurt the other person, it was simply a mistake of one sort or another. This is exactly why an explanation is so important; it provides details to the hurt individual, details that clarify why or how something happened.
    Say ” I did it because… but it was wrong because…”
    It is important to be specific.
  3. SHOW REGRET AND REMORSE ~ Now that you have identified what you did, and explained why it happened and why it won’t happen again, you must say that you are sorry. You need to show that you mean it, saying the words isn’t enough, you actually have to believe them. And you have to make the other person believe them too.
    Say “I’m sorry.”
    Show that you mean it.
  4. HOW WILL YOU FIX IT? ~ If you are really, truly sorry for whatever it is that you’ve done, then you’ll want to do whatever it takes to make the situation right again. And this is the best way, and a necessary way, of letting your friend know that you honestly do feel bad and want to make it up to them. Think about how you will fix the situation or avoid it in the future and tell the other person.
    Say “In the future I will… ” 
    ere it is important to say what you WILL DO and not what you won’t do.
    After you have done that it is important to ASK FOR THEIR FORGIVENESS.
    Ask ” Will you forgive me?” If you have been sincere your apology will be accepted.

happyfaceSupport character education in your classroom or home by using this poster as a reminder.

If you like this poster, click on the image to download it for free! ❤

The 4-part apology poster

Till next time…

Peppi Orfanogianni


2 comments on “The 4-part apology ~ Do it right!”
  1. Ms. Rickard says:

    I like both your posts this weekend. We need to share this one with all of the classes I think. One teeny little thing – Grammar Queen speaking now – change your intro.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. savedyouaspot says:

      Oh Grammar Queen! What would I do without you… Thank you! It shall be corrected. I have already uploaded it on onedrive for us to use, too! 😉


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