Sixth Grade Secrets – Book recommendations by children for children!

A Book Review by Anastasia G.

Title: Sixth Grade Secrets

Author: Louis Sachar

Publication Date: 1987

Publication Company: Scholastic Corporation, Inc. Publishers. New York City, NY: United States.

Characters: The characters are: Laura, Tiffany, Allison, Gabriel, Mr. Doyle, Kristin, Sheila, Debbie, Howard, Karen, Yolanda, Jonathan, Nathan, Aaron and Linzie. In the beginning of the book, I liked all the characters, but by the middle of the book towards the end, Gabriel, Yolanda, Jonathan, Karen and Sheila seemed mean and awful. Laura, Tiffany, Allison, Mr. Doyle, Nathan and Aaron made me feel happy and excited while Gabriel, Yolanda, Jonathan, Karen and Sheila made me feel sad.

Plot: Laura Sibbie creates a secret club at school. She calls it “Pig City” as that is what the funny hat she bought at a garage sale says on it. She makes people who join to give her something embarrassing called “insurance.” If anyone tells another person about Pig City, Laura will show the whole school the insurance that the person gave. But there’s another secret club in Mr. Doyle’s class. Monkey Town!

My Opinion: The book was fantastic. My favourite part was when Laura wrote “PIGS RULE!” on the board and the whole class laughed. The funniest part was when Gabriel showed everyone in the school Kristin’s underwear. I learnt that lies always lead to no good.

 Recommend? I definitely recommend this book because it keeps the reader at the edge of their seat.

Star rating: five stars

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