Time Riders – Book recommendations, by children, for children!

Title Time Riders 
Author Alex Scarrow
First published 2010
Characters Liam O’ Connor, Maddy Carter, Sal Vikram
Plot Liam, Maddy, and Sal were saved from certain death to become agents for TimeRiders, a group created to correct history interventions and protect the future by other time travelers who mess with time. In this first book of the series the three of them face the shift of the present and the destruction of the world caused by a group of men helping Nazi Germans win the WW II.
Audience I would recommend it for readers aged 8-108 years old. Teenagers mostly will love it but grown-ups may also like it.
Opinion I liked it because it was an interesting story full of adventure. A real page-turner. The reader after finishing it will definitely run for the next one in the TimeRiders series.
Star rating for this book 5 stars

by Nikos aged 11

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