The Wishing Spell – Book recommendations, by children, for children

The Wishing Spell   by  Chris  Colfer                   

The characters in my story are:

Connor and Alex are both twins. Connor is a fun and modern boy, but Alex is an intelligent girl who loves books. There is also Froggy, he is a smart man who was turned into a frog by a bad witch.

Here is what happens:

The kids lost their father when they were 11,so they live with their mum. On their 12th birthday their mother must go to work, so their grandmother comes over; the kids love her. But, that day for a birthday present, she gave them a magic book, which totally changed their lives and uncovered secrets.

My opinion for this book is:                      

I loved the book because it was full of adventure. I love the bit when Alex falls in the book because it is funny and exiting. There are many funny bits, but I loved the bit when the kids learned that their grandmother turns up to be the famous ”Fairy Godmother”!  This book is totally fun to read, I can’t wait to read the next book! In this book I learned that the families must be together in good and bad times.

Why is this book recommended?

I do recommend this book because it is mysterious so, it does not make you bored like other books. It is a lovely book!   

Star rating: five stars

This book report is written by: Myrto  D. (age  11)

Stay posted for more! 

Till next time…


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