The seed of life – Freebie!

It’s our MONTHLY FREEBIE time again! ❤

It makes my day when I find things that will help me improve my teaching or just inspire me. I hope my freebies aid to some colleagues’ inspiration out there!

I can’t wait to try these beautiful, geometrical, mandala patterns with my class!

Mandala,  is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. However, today mandala has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe

Mandala patterns require the use of fine motor control skills. Using a compass can be challenging for many children and some may require assistance. The double circles can be avoided if you find them too challenging. You will still have a seed of life pattern without them.

Did you know that mandala patterns can have a calm and relaxing effect on both adults and children? 😉

This activity combines geometry, art and even religious education, to create some truly amazing patterns. Cross-curricular links just make everything so meaningful, don’t you think?

Here is a simple powerpoint you can show your class, at the beginning of your art lesson. You will find a youtube link, created by Dearing Wang, which shows how you can create the Seed of Life.

Click on the beautiful image of the Seed of Life below, to get the free powerpoint!

Let me know how you and your class get on! Stay posted…we’ll be sharing ours, too! ❤

Till next time…


Youtube video by Dearing Wang and images found on the internet.

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