Upper Fourth at Malory Towers

 Upper Fourth at Malory Towers, written by Enid Blyton (1949) and published by Egmont UK Ltd. Publishers: London, UK.

The characters: Darrel Rivers, Sally Hope, Alicia, Betty, Connie, Ruth, Gwen (Gwendoline), Bill (Wilhelmina), Clarissa, Irene, Belinda, Mam’zelle Dupont, Mrs. Williams, Felicity Rivers, June and Mrs. Grayling. I liked all of the characters except Gwen as she is an awful snob who always tries to make rich people to like her. She is a complete disaster who ruins most things at Malory Towers. Gwen made me feel worried about the other girls, while everyone (especially Darrel) made me feel happy and excited.

Plot: Darrel goes back to Malory Towers, her beloved boarding school, this time with her little sister Felicity. Newcomer “The honourable Clarissa” is being ‘stolen’ by Gwen, an awful and lazy student with miserable behaviour. There’s “Twin Trouble” with Connie and Ruth and I shall never forget Alicia with her crazy tricks. The fun never ends!

 My opinion: I loved the book, as I loved all the other books in the series. My favourite part is when Gwen’s heart “flutters” and then she is told off. The funniest part is when the girls play the “Ping” trick on Mam’zelle Dupont. I learnt that that you should never do anything that will upset your family.

I definitely recommend this book because it tells you how exciting life can get when you are with friends, which I think is very important.  

My star rating is five stars

by Anastasia G. (age 10)

Leave a comment below if you, or your child, enjoyed this book as much as Anastasia did! 🙂

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