The origins of our number system – FREEBIE!

It’s freebie time!!!

One of our first topics in Mathematics, in Year 6, is the history of our number system.

This powerpoint was created to correspond to the Year 6 curriculum. The learning objective is for pupils to begin to recognise the historical origins of our number system and understand how it developed over time.

Freebie! The origins of our number system

I am delighted to share it with you as a freebie! Hopefully you will find the powerpoint a helpful teaching tool and use it as a basis for investigation and discussion.

You can also make a display out of it, like I did!

Get the free powerpoint ‘The origins of our number system’ by clicking {HERE}

Did you find it useful? 
Leave a comment and share your ideas on how you used it in your classroom. 

Till next time…



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    Good idea. You’re like a mini-twinkl site!

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