10 ways to help your child achieve his/her full potential at school.

Many parents will be anxious to help their children get off to a right start at the beginning of the school year and also help them stay on track all year round.

Are you a parent and not sure how to go about helping your child bloom in school? Read on to find out how!
10 ways to help your child achieve

1. Encourage your child to be responsible and independent.

Get them into the habit of checking their timetable and packing their own bags. Don’t be afraid to let your child grow up. Growing up comes with responsibility, by helping them realise this you will help them become mature, responsible and independent young adults

2. Get your child into the habit of a short daily revision.

I cannot stress enough the importance of revision! Your child should revise the skills targeted for the week. Revision aids in the transition of the skills taught, from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. By revising, your child will be adequately prepared for upcoming tests. Unnecessary stress for you both, caused by leaving revising for tests to the last minute, will most definitely be avoided.

3. Encourage your child to participate actively in all lessons and to listen to their teacher.

Your child’s class teacher knows what’s best for your child and has your child’s best interests in mind and at heart. Always contact your child’s teacher first, when having any concerns about certain issues. Working as a team with your child’s teacher is the best way to help your child bloom. Remember you are on the same page of that book ! 🙂

4. Share your own thoughts about different issues and help your child understand your own values.

Be open with your child. Talk about issues that may concern them. Ensure they are aware of personal health and hygiene by encouraging a mature attitude towards cleanliness, changes they may be experiencing and any other personal issues.

5. Encouraging your child to actively participate in all physical education lessons.

Support your child’s interest in any extra-curricular sports and clubs at school or elsewhere, but don’t go overboard. It is equally important to leave some time for your child to rest, revise and just be. Make sure they eat healthy food and get enough sleep.

6. Encourage your child to read regularly and discuss their books with them.

Be the example you want your child to follow. Read yourself and encourage reading at home. Think of the possibility of having a reading nook. Talk to your child about the books you have read and ask them questions about what they have read. Knowing what your child likes will help you recommend other similar books  to them and keep them engaged. Click here for ideas on reading nooks at home.

7. Practise and learn together at home.

Show an interest in their topics, related projects and help them with internet research that backs up material which has been taught in school. Have internet safety filters at home and talk to them about possible dangers of its reckless use.

8.  Be supportive of their own taste in music, even if it’s not in line with yours.

Do share your musical tastes and preferences with your child but without trying to impose them. Music is a form of expression and everyone expresses themselves differently. Encourage them to get involved in musical activities and hold them responsible for taking their musical instruments to school. A gentle reminder might come in handy… 😉

9. Provide a quiet area in which your child can work productively at home without distractions.

Distractions will only aid to homework not being done effectively and for it taking much longer than needed. A quiet are will help your child focus and be productive. Discuss homework and check that your child is completing their homework tasks by the specified day.

10. Show them love <3.

Support your child with positive reinforcement of their good behaviour at home with praise and encouragement. Ensure that good manners and respect towards others are understood to be essential at all times. In situations where inappropriate behaviour occurs, do not ignore it, address it immediately and work out a solution so that your child is able to resolve the issue that is causing difficulty, and can move on from it. Then, show some more love! Children who grow up in a loving, supportive environment will reach for the stars! ❤ ❤

So there you have it! 10 ways you can help your child reach to the top!

Hope you found this post helpful!

Feel free to leave a comment, always happy to read them!

Till next time…


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Special thanks to my colleague and friend, Ms. Rickard, who inspired me for this post.

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