Should teachers read more children’s books?

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Going into Year 6 this year, has me overly excited! In preparation for the year to come, I have decided to get more up to date with what older children and young adults are reading these days, as well as to remind myself of some of the classics I enjoyed reading as a child.

One day, I was sitting on the beach getting into one of many children’s books. A friend of mine, who was amused at the site of it all, commented on it. Quite a bit of giggling followed this, which in turn, got me thinking about teachers reading children’s books in general…Should I, should teachers in general, be reading more children’s literature? 

With this in mind and with Google being my best friend I decided to take a break from my summer reading and do a little research about teachers and reading. Sure enough the findings agreed with what most people’s common sense would say, that yes, it is important for teachers to be familiar with children’s books. But why?

Research has shown that developing teacher’s subject knowledge of children’s literature can contribute to a child or young person’s enjoyment of reading. Teachers who read for pleasure have better book knowledge and feel more confident and calm in the classroom. Those who read themselves and share their love of books in the primary classroom can, in turn encourage children to read more!

As a teacher wanting to inspire reading in children, it is vitally important to be a reading role model! Discuss with your pupils things that they have read. Also, recommend books you have read and compare your thoughts and ideas. Putting reading in the heart of your timetable will shift the appropriate focus to it.

Be the change you want to see!


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